In Chibueze Ughalaa, Ugha alala, There are No More Lies

With the continuous rise of social media use in the public domain, it is now easy for people masquerading as social media influencers to wake up on their pads and chunk out proper gibberish in the name of information and management. The worst is when these same people think that the real smartness is when one is able to conjure up words together in successful units, without consideration on the thought-process or even what the job profile really entails. Now, while it is easy for these guys to continue masquerading as experts, it is equally easy for the public to sieve the real grains from the chaffs.

In observing Imo election, one could easily notice the expertise and credibility displayed by Chief Ikedi Ohakim’s Chief Press Secretary, Chibueze Ughalaa. Amongst all those who held similar positions for the different candidates, he stands out. From the moment he was appointed to handle that office, he remained consistent in thoughts and manners. He understands that the nature of his job is beyond merely the dissemination of information (which anyone can do, of course, even the masquerades) but also to be the link between his boss (Chief Ohakim) and the general public. His common courtesy and promptness in responding to issues should be adopted by the other folks.

In the issuance of his Press Releases, Ughalaa is convinced on why a particular piece of information is important. If it’s not, he doesn’t go ahead to give it out. When we say that Sam Onwuemedo did a terrible job for Okorocha for instance, it is on the basis of his failure to first ask himself why his release is significant and not just because he is moved to conjure up words for his master. A Jones Onwusonye is better than Sam Onwuemeodu in this regard, even though the both are guilty of trying to impress with responses even when they have no answer. It is not out of place to go public when there is crises, but if you must do that, you must do that with what you know.

There are more lessons which people who occupy similar offices can learn from Ughalaa. Don’t say something because you want to say something, but because you have something to say.

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