Third Sunday of Easter YEAR B. First Reading: Acts 3:13- 15, 17- 19ab. Responsorial Psalm: 4:2, 7, 9. Second Reading: 1 John 2: 1- 5a. Gospel: Luke 24: 35- 48. BE A PERFECT REFLECTION OF THE FATHER Today’s liturgical celebration gives us the opportunity to appreciate the dualistic nature of the Paschal Mystery, that is; the creation and the redemption. Every Eucharistic celebration gives us the room not only to appreciate the gift of love but also to experience His Divine presence in the breaking of bread. The overall result of this fellowship is that everyone experiences a spiritual growth, the body of Christ is edified and the power of evil is eliminated. Thus the regular participation and total commitment to the Eucharistic celebration invariably sharpen our thoughts, behaviors and priorities to be Christ like. The first and second readings of today ventilates two crucial phrases, “Repent, therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be wiped away” and “I am writing to you so that you may not commit sin.”. The important question one would wish to ask is; why is there so much focus on sin this third Sunday of Easter? Perhaps because the Gospel today tells us “ Thus, it is written that Christ would suffer and rise from the dead on the third day and that repentance, for the forgiveness of sins, would be preached in His name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem”. The resurrection of Jesus is indeed a direct call for us to change our lives, His resurration brings an end to sin, evil and darkness. The collect of today’s liturgy underlines this basic fact when it says; we are now rejoicing in the “restored glory of our adoption”, Christ is and remains the Son of God and through Him we are adopted into the Sonship of God. Since we are of Christ, we are made heirs of his Divine glory. The daily challenges and struggles is to actualize this basic fact: that we are heirs of God. Whenever the wave of trials and persecutions of the world comes by, we fail to recognize that we are sons and daughter of the Father and Christians. The psychological and physical tortures Christ underwent was basically out of love and for our redemption [John 3: 16]. The call to return back to our source of joy and foundation seems to recur in all the readings of today, it is an invitation to repent of our sins, in the First Reading, St Peter ended his discourse in the temple by asking the people to repent and return to our Lord Jesus Christ, so that their sins may be blotted out. This call to repentance gives us an understanding of how God wants his people to be through life, the prophet Jeremiah tells us about the sinfulness of Judah [ Jeremiah 3: 6- 10]. This great summons to “Return” or “Turn away” and “Turn back” is indeed a communication of the change that must permeate the heart of those call to repent [ Jeremiah 3:6, 4:4], the Risen Saviour is indeed of a Merciful Father who not only calls us to repentance but plays a role of change of heart. After the encounter of Nicodemus, he became a disciple of truth, let us cease to rationalize things and stop procrastinate, let us make sincere effort to be docile and accept him whole heartedly. The whole call into Christianity is not a fight between God and the devil, rather it is an affirmation of the victory of the risen Christ over evil and death that pours out in the interior struggle characterized by a daily effort to sin and pursuit of holiness of life. Let us not forget that the whole celebration of the Eucharist is meant to help us to be holy. St Albert the Great further posited that the sacrament profits us by forgiving our sins, and it is the utmost importance as Jesus pours out His outpouring grace in our life. The Holy Spirit [Our Father] disciplines us for our good, so that we might share in His holiness. Christ’s holiness lies in the sacrificial action, that is, he offered himself in the sacrament for the salvation of all. The last statement of Christ to his disciples today is that of peace, the question that comes to mind is that what really is this peace of Christ? The peace which Christ commanded us to go out and propagate is one; which shows love, it forgives and accommodates and the unites all in Christ. Dear brothers and sisters we have being commissioned today to be sharers of this mandate which our Risen Saviors gives, lets us all make sincere effort to be at peace with ourselves and Christ by shunning away from sins, so as to merit the reward of eternal life.