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Then, worry no more, as the Exclusive Ushers are here for your events; to add that colour, that spice, that officiality you have always longed for.

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American Pastor, Billy Graham, dies at 99


A popular American pastor, Billy Graham is dead. He was aged 99.

Graham became one of the best-known promoters of Christianity, beginning his worldwide mission in large arenas in London in 1954.

He is oftened referred to as ‘America’s Pastor.’

May his gentle soul rest in peace.



DanaAir overshoots runway in PortHarcourt

Dana Air

Reports have it that Dana Air plane skidded off the runway last evening in Port Harcourt.


If Dede-One-Day Had Read Those Love Letters…


By Cheta Igbokwe

I never knew that the popular late actor and comedian, Dede One Day, was so loved, until the day he died. The social media was flooded with wonderful stories about him, and people had his pictures attached to their social media profiles with beautiful lines of poetry and rhythms accompanying them.

Nollywood Comedian, Dede-One-Day.

Death is not the extinguishing of light, but the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come. Dede One Day was one of the most talented Nollywood actor/comedian we’ve ever seen. We celebrate you Dede One Day! May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord,” one of the tributes read. Even the Chairman of the Actor’s Guild of Nigeria Imo State, Conec Umez, described him as, “one actor whose role may not be replaced by another actor for a long time to come.”

A Tribute video was even made in honour of the comedian who slumped and died while performing in an event in Aba in December 2015, and it recorded about twenty-one thousand views when it was uploaded on Youtube. You can watch the video here.

In those fine tributes, some said he contributed so much in keeping the populace sane, others affirmed he has remained one of the few in the entertainment industry who ensured that there were smiles on the faces of people. I could also remember a friend, who after the comedian’s death, told me how Dede One Day’s Laugh With Me Comedy Series, saved him from depression.

Oh yes, I wish the late comedian heard all these while he lived. I wish these people came to his very face to tell him how he saved their miserable lives, saved them from depression, putting a smile on their faces. I wish. I still wish.

On the day of his funeral, which took place in my own town, Mbieri, the roads were blocked; there was large influx of people who gathered from far and wide to pay the last respect to the seasoned comedian. They moved in turns, in no particular order, viewing him, as he was lying lifeless in the coffin. No joke from Nkem Owoh made him shake; the loud laughter of Uche Ogbuagu didn’t even make him blink his eyes. He has passed away. All the beautiful tributes, all the polished well-rendered orations, never entered his ears.

The remains of Dede-One-Day, being received in his family compound in Mbieri.

I am pretty sure that the late comedian has never witnessed such turnout of people in his honour while he lived. He has never also sold tickets of half of the number of people who came to mourn him. He would be shocked to see the large assembly. He would be turning in his grave while wonderful stories and heroic tales are told about him.

And the masses gathered to mourn him.

This incident and many more, challenged me to support Paulcy Iwuala’s idea on The Living Tribute. The platform is set for honouring the living; the ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things, the men and women who have committed their lives towards putting a smile on the faces of other people.

Paulcy Nnamdi Iwuala, Founder, Living Tribute Magazine.

At The Living Tribute, we are committed to putting smiles on the faces of people while they live and not when they are lying six feet below the ground.

The Living Tribute Logo.

So, what if Dede One Day heard these stories before he died? What if he knew that he has such great number of fans and lovers? What if he knew when he was alive, that he was making impact in the people’s lives with the little works he was doing?

If Dede-One-Day had known all these, maybe he could have produced more works or perhaps, lived longer, or even die happier.

What is Ikechukwu ‘Jayflo’ Agbai doing with the Metro Vibez?


By Cheta Igbokwe


Courageous Ikechukwu Jayflo John Agbai is the brain behind the Metro Vibez Magazine, an annual publication of the Metro Vibez Media. As Jayflo had earlier described in one of my interactions with him, Metro Vibez is a ‘media outfit into magazine publishing, event management, coverage, brand management and promotions.’

Ikechukwu ‘Jayflo’ Agbai

The first edition of the magazine was published in 2016, and it has the gorgeous pictures of the Nigerian writer, Bura-Bari Nwilo, and popular designer, Appollos Onwuka, lying beautifully on the cover, with their struggle stories explored on the work, as motivations to youths who sleep and wake up to expect grace to fall from the skies.

First Edition (2016), featuring Bura-Bari Nwilo and Apollos Onwuka at the front cover.

The Campus magazine went viral in 2016, and was on the lips of students in the University of Nigeria. The reason is that, Metro Vibez Magazine is not like any other regular magazine you can find outside; it counts across boundaries, it breaks the conventions, it’s new, it’s one of the few magazines I have ever opened and forced to dig out even the slightest details in the content.

The 2017 edition of the Metro Vibez Magazine is out. And it’s lit. But what is Jayflo doing with it? What has he set to achieve? Now, these questions will unravel themselves as I take you along in the journey of the ‘New Skool Republiq’ Edition of the Metro Vibez.

Second Edition, (2017).

The bold and beautiful picture of Dremo sits royally on the front cover of this edition. Dremo, born Aboriomo Femi Raymond Abeke, in the analysis provided by the Metro Vibez should be crowned ‘King of the New Skool Republiq.’ They argued that the artiste has whatever it takes for the crowing: versatility, lyricism, fresh concepts, attitude, dedication and commercial appearance. I can agree that Dremo has quite number of hits that could earn him the title; his mixtape song, Fela, is one in a million. Dremo describes Fela as the ‘biggest influence to any afrobeat ariste today.’ He goes ahead to unravel that Fela carries this influence not because he originated the music genre but also ‘because his music spoke truth and preached against social vices and corruption.’

Jayflo’s swift recognition of what he tagged the ordinary people should be lauded. It’s new to find one who pays attention to details and who overlooks things or people that are overrated. In a short piece, which Jayflo wrote himself, at the inside front page of the magazine, he recognizes Mama Okpa or Mama PDP, a selfless woman who has been in the business of making Okpa from beans for over 23 years. A short documentary on Mama Okpa which was premiered on the launching of the ‘New Skool Repubiq’ Edition of the Metro Vibez had the guest moved to tears, when the story of Mama Okpa was told. Mama was present at the launching, and she was moved with tears in her eyes, because she never expected that one day, her hardwork and selflessness would take her up the stage. To the students, Jaflo wrote, “If you live around Odenigwe or UNN staff quarters of Cartwright, Fulton, Ikejiani and the female hostel environs, then you must have heard her high pitch screams of ‘Okap di oku!’”

Bofamene Joseph wrote a short fictional story for the magazine entitled, The Urban Sexperience –Behind Flat, which tells the story of the estranged Kene Udochi, a man who was so skilled in what Bofamene tagged the ‘not-so-popular art of receiving a blow job.’ Short, descriptive and breath-taking, Bofamene’s story leaves one with many questions.

The message in Jayflo’s Hustle Begins at School, is direct. He wasn’t beating around the bush like most self-acclaimed motivational speakers do. The write-up takes us through the memory lane of the problems of unemployment as it faces Nigerian and her youths even as fresh graduates emerge at the end of every year. “Hustle Begins at School,” says Jayflo, “is a wake-up call for the young man who is faithfully pursuing his studies, waiting to graduate with flying colours, go for NYSC like a good citizen and patriot and land a well-paying job…”

Ben Anansi was featured in the edition, and was interviewed. The sound-maker has a two full pages to his name in the magazine. There was a 14 Questions panel, which was aimed towards having a fans-perspective chat and of course, help in answering the questions of fans and all lovers of the Anansi music. The questions spring from his love for music, how it all started, about the dancehall which is the music style he promotes. When asked if he was working on any album, Anansi replied, “I am always working on something new, so I can say I’m working on an album.”

Prof. Onyebuchi Ezeani, the current Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Research has words for entrepreneurs, which he equally dished out in the pages of this magazine. On the other hand, Comrad Paul Erua, the Chairman of Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, UNN Branch, gave us a hint of what it looks like and of course, what it takes to be the administrative backbone of every institution. These hints and many more can be found in the sixth page of the second edition of the Metro Vibez.

Before unveiling Fela, the King of Kalakuta, there was a bold and courageous flash of the personality of Nami, the sound master, whose viral single, ‘The Real Me’ has opened many horizons for. Several other projects are in line for Nami, including the making of his music video. But, could there be a reason for putting Nami in a flash before the Kalakuta President? I wonder. It would be a waste of space if I go on in unraveling the many revelations Jayflo and his team made about Fela in the pages of this magazine. The lesson is that not everything has actually been said. There are narratives yet unexplored.

Marijuana. That is the title of Chidiebere Chidey Kalu’s piece in this magazine. He begins with the many baptismal names the drug has been crowned with, in all its native forms: Igboo, Marijuana, MJ, Mary Jane, Ganja, Jombo, Ogwu, Pencil, Kush. Even though it appears so sarcastic and humorous, one cannot deny the undiluted message of the piece. Ebere’s ability to combine homour and caution in the treatment of such a delicate manner makes him the master of the game.

Apart from dealing with technical issues that have been grossly avoided from writers and researchers, the magazine also stands out in celebrating those whom the cap fits. Generationext is the title of the platform where 10 unique young Nigerians where placed on the limelight and the society beckoned to watch them. They are the like of Joseph Ogbuagu, Diamond Ohoh Obiahu, Smog Charles, Daniel Adile, Praise Godwin Ekene, Emenari Obata Obinna, Torty Princess Olanma, Amarachi John Ibere, Frankline Peters and Mc Henz.

This edition embodies reviews on books, movies, blogs and contents which young people are creating to the suite the taste of people in the fast changing world.

Picking copies of this work is a good way of beginning this New Year. Pickup a copy today and see what Jayflo is doing with the Metro Vibez.

Ikechukwu ‘Jayflo’ Agbai



Kizzy’s debut single, ‘Indomie,’ finally released.


Pop Singer, Kizzy, has just released his first ever single, entitled ‘Indomie.’

The hit maker who has just joined the industry promises to keep delivering beautiful lyrics.

Click here to DOWNLOAD

Download Kizzy’s Indomie and seal your year beautifully.

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Pop Singer Rab-i set to join Efe at Based On Logistics Campus Tour


Tomorrow, pop singer Rabi, would join Efe at the Based On Logistics Campus Tour.

Recall that Efe is the 2017 Big Brother Naija Winner.  And has released his debut single, ‘Based On Logistics,’ thereby taking advantage of the slang he is known for in the Big Brother Naija House.

Since his victory at the 2017 BBNaija, which made him 25 million naira richer, Efe has been on the streets, cities and towns of Nigeria, thanking his fans for their votes.

He would be extending his gratitude to Nigerian University students on this school tour and as well, promote his music.

Pop singer Rab-I, and other hit makers would join Efe on this Campus tour.

The Venue of tomorrow’s programme is the Adeline Hall, Leadcity University, 4pm.

ECE Artist, Rabi, set to release new single, ‘Turn Me On.’


‘Turn Me On,’ the most anticipated song of the year by pop music guru, Rab-i, is set to be released on October 20, 2017.

Rab-i, the hit maker, is known for dishing out excellent music contents. His last single, Akah, featuring popular afro pop artist, Ruffcoin, has been making waves in the East. But for a long while, he has taken off time from his music for his ongoing studies at the University.

The Eminent Crew Entertainment Artist, Rab-i, is back again with a new club rock single, ‘Turn Me On,’ produced by the prolific music producer, Na Timon.

Meanwhile on 21st October, Rab-i would join HKN signed act, B Red on a school tour, at the Federal Polytechnic, Akure, where other eminent Nigerian singers like Lil Kesh, Dotman, Terry Apala and more, will grace.

Chetamedia: We’re Opening


August 1st is very important to us. On that day, we shall open officially. Thanks to all those who sent us mails for their suggestions on how to serve you better. We are grateful. To all those who contributed in one way or the other to make this happen, we are grateful. Special thanks to Wdesignx Team for their patience, and to UCBright Mills for sponsoring our Invite and Win Facebook Contest. The contest is still going on, simply go to our Facebook page, like it, and invite your friends to do so. There are cash prizes for the three highest inviters.

You can be our winner. Are you ready now?

Chetamedia: We’re Opening


August 1st is very important to us. On that day, we shall open officially. Thanks to all those who sent us mails for their suggestions on how to serve you better. We are grateful. To all those who contributed in one way or the other to make this happen, we are grateful. Special thanks to Wdesignx Team for their patience, and to UCBright Mills for sponsoring our Invite and Win Facebook Contest. The contest is still going on, simply go to our Facebook page, like it, and invite your friends to do so. There are cash prizes for the three highest inviters.

You can be our winner. Are you ready now?